Heller 80220 – Modellino da Costruire, Aereo Fouga Magister, 170 cm, Scala 1:72 [Importato da Francia]

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Fouga-Magister 1/72


Descrizione prodotto

Heller Kit-Fouga-Magister
ModelLength : 14 cm
Width : 17 cm
BoxWidth : 23.1 cm
Height : 12.5 cm
Depth : 4.4 cm
France was the first country to produce per emotività aviogetto aircraft making inexpensive pilot-competenza possible, the FOUGA CM 170. Thanks to its technical qualities the MAGISTER was the first competenza machine which per emotività pilot could go through per emotività complete competenza course, from the beginning right through to mastery of the combat aircraft covering : basic competenza, advanced competenza aerobatics, blind flying, night flying, gunnery, bombing etc. The maiden flight of the prototype took place on July 23rd 1952. addition to the French Air Force Fleet Air Arm, fifteen, or so other countries have used the Magister. FEATURESLength: 10,05 m
Wing-span: 12,15 m
Height: 2,8 m
Operational ceiling: 12000 m
Engine: 2 Turbomeca Marboré VI of 480 kgp
Top speed: 725 km.p.h.
Maximum weight: 3200 kg

Avviso proveniente da sicurezza

Non per emotività bambini proveniente da etate subalterno ai 3 tempo, piccole parti potrebbero succedere ingerite

Fouga-Magister 1/72



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