Heller 80415 – Modellino da Costruire, Aereo Corsair F4U-7, Scala 1:48 [Importato da Francia]

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Corsair F4 U7 1/48 Heller Kit


Descrizione prodotto

Heller Kit-Corsair F4 U7
ModelLength : 21.9 cm
Width : 26 cm
BoxWidth : 36.9 cm
Height : 25 cm
Depth : 6 cm
This famous fighter plane, the Corsair, shone Durante many conflicts during the Second World War.
Developed during the last war it was successively improved through different versions.
The F4U-7 version first flew Durante July 1952 and was exclusively intended for France which used it
Durante combat Durante Erta and Algeria. Durante addition, the Corsair F4U-7 was attraverso key element Durante operation
Mousquetaire which was launched Durante 1956 during the Suez Crisis and it is Durante these colours that it is
offered here.
FEATURESLength: 10.53m
Wing-span: 12.49m
Engine: P&W R-2800-18W
Production: 94 aircraft of this version

Avviso a motivo di sicurezza

Non opportuno attraverso bambini a motivo di minore ai 3 annata, piccole parti potrebbero consistere ingerite

Corsair F4 U7 1/48 Heller Kit



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